Sunday, June 1, 2008


The twists and turns of life often catch us off guard, surprised by the change of direction. My life is not different than many others- we sing sinilar songs of change, transitions and grace. Fortunately I have been blessed with friends and family who have helped sing along when the way has gotten clouded- and the words unknown. So it doesn't all come down to just numbers on paper, it really comes down to love, those whom you love and whom love you- despite the callenges and surprises, and the dissappointments and abandonments of those we thought loved us.......some things will pass on, others will remain, the trick it seems is to know when to let go, and when to hang on....


Piles of papers, the documents of a life shared now sit neatly stored in file folders. No hint of disorder and chaos here. Only the simple resolution of the assets and debts, equitable distribution and recompense stated for all to see.
(dissolving: to undo a tie or bond, break up a connection or union)

No hint of the tears, the fears, the midnight risings to wander through the memories of lost hopes and dreams. No mention of the laughter and joy of children, only the hollow echo of silence, stillness shadows in the night, whispering of days gone by.

(dissolving: to breakdown emotionally, lose one's composure)

Neatly collated are the remnants and reminders of choices, good, bad, indifferent logged in to account for the passing of time and resources impersonal data defining the outcome with no hint of the people, emotions or care invested unanticipated in the end result.

(dissolving to bring to an end, terminate, destroy)

This is what it comes down to- Papers in a folder. The only tangible evidence of dreams lost tears cried unheard, unheeded. Lives altered, some in disarray, others unconscious of the discord. Still others unconcerned, simply relieved to have gotten away and happy to see life reduced to numbers sitting neatly in a folder where they can be filed in a box and put away to be forgotten.

(dissolving: to disappear gradually, fade away)