Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So I have spent the week in Fort Worth at the United Methodist General Conference. A time of gathering people from across the connection, to pray, worship and discern God's will for our walk together in creating the beloved community....

But amidst the chaos and noise of thousands of people, the rhythms of city life, the cadence of feet, drums, birds beating the pulse of life, I was lead by a gentle soul, another seeker of peace and beauty - to a refuge of exquisite beauty and calm. The Water Gardens at the Convention Center.

Here among the unlikely surroundings is a quiet sanctuary- built of rock, stone, trees, and water, beauty created to soften the often hostile landscape of the inner-city and hustle and bustle of daily life.

Different areas for reflection, quiet, renewal invite the wandering soul to

let go of the inner knots and tensions. To resonate with the hum of insects, rushing of water, uneven texture of rock and concrete, and cool breeze through the trees.

To spend time with another, sharing stories, thoughts, soul, indeed a sanctuary for a restless and bruised heart- a reminder of the goodness and beauty of creation and created.

To discover a friend, hope and peace - in a place frantic with the need to organize, legislate and order our life together.

To simply step out of the chaos and connect to what is real and true, that is the blessing of beauty, of being, of wandering about.

So as I prepare to return to my usual place of wandering, I will carry this special sanctuary of friendship and space along, to recall and delight in when the tensions and knots bind up my heart. And perhaps I will find another place to wander, to reconnect with the beauty of God's good creation- and rest awhile.

an insight that bubbled up one night sharing another quiet evening with a friend and some amazing ice cream,... it fits into the mood of this piece.....

Life is sensual and elemental- we eat and drink of life, not only to nourish our bodies, but to satisfy our souls. We savor the flavors of bitter as the offset to sweet. Inhale the aromas of stench to remember the essence of hope. We touch the rough and damaged, to seek to repair and restore wholeness. We see the horror and suffering to reflect beauty and compassion. Each is not full without the other, and we are not complete without others to share the sacrament of life- savor, inhale, touch, see- the wounds and scars, the hopes and dreams of the people of all creation.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

and now....

I want to drink a big cup of beauty
Right now.
While there is still time to
Enjoy the warmth and strength only beauty provides
To fill my body with beauty
To send beauty coursing through my veins,
Fill me with beauty
Feed me beauty
That I may spill beauty
As I go about my day.

In the beginning

So over 30 years ago I began writing things down that popped into my mind- no worries I am not going to put all 30 years worth of thoughts down, now or ever! But for this initial note, I think it only fitting to start with a piece that I wrote way back in the day when I was young, wide-eyed and more intuned to my life story then I could have realized. Funny how some things just stay with you, this short, simple piece has become my mantra- my self-affirmation of who I am and how I travel, (and have traveled) this path called my life...'nough said- let the younger me speak across the years....

i am no vision of loveliness
nor radiate of beauty
but i have
love in my heart

to give and be
taken freely

indeed, Love is all there is...