Saturday, August 2, 2008

Inspired! A SL writing circle

I am part of a collective writing group in SecondLife, we meet weekly to refine our skills of observation, inspiration and life... This is the first weeks writing prompt- could only use words proscribed by dear Gem- and of course I took liberties and added a few other words...:0 However the end results for all of us were remarkable....

Behold the beauty of the forest at my window!
God's power displayed in full authority over the earth.
The shining stars awaken stirrings within my soul
shadows and light entwine, a paradox of time and eternity.

Flowers sing like children the song of GOD's love and joy
exploding their colors and scent afresh upon the ground.
The Goddess touches my brow with gentle fingers,
guiding my eyes to see the grace and wisdom
unfolding by the lake, in myriad colors and shapes
the presence of the HOLY awakening in creation

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