Saturday, August 9, 2008

of mists, memories and mornings

Another morning rolls off the back of night wrapped in mists and dew.
I wake up slowly this day, a day that promises to be like many others,
and yet unlike any other I have ever known.

Life in it's inevitable course sends us up and- down along roads and byways that sometimes lead us to deadends, and at other times, bring us home.

This road I have traveled has had it's fill of detours, misdirections and deadends... it has also carried me to places of joy, peace and calm... and yet I am still traveling trying to find home.

They say home is where your heart is. My heart while it still beats in this aging body, is on the road traveling along, sometimes running, sometimes out of breath, and sometimes totally lost. But I wander on, still looking for home, praying for home....carrying home in me.

Home is where you discover GOD resides in those who take the time along the way to share their journey, their heart with you. Here's a prayer that we all find a heart that holds our home, as we open our hearts to be homes for others.

My heart is a home for the homeless, come on in, there is plenty of room inside.

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