Saturday, August 2, 2008

Long Time Gone

Woe is me... it's been a loooooonnnngggg time since I posted, hopefully this will remedy that situation, or not, we'll see how the muse inspires today. :)

Some ramblings from the core that I didn't have time (or rather make time) to place here...

An Evening in April

Evening out with the girls
Sitting around the table with
Ample amounts of wine,
sharing stories and dreams,
Our laughter fills
As we step away from the tasks
Of the day,
And spend time simply in the company
Of each other.

Pour another glass of wine,
Sip deeply and slowly and savor
The perfection of a spring evening
The circle of friends, the exchange of
Memories, hopes and dreams

The morning will come all too soon with
New demands and distractions to face.
Leaving a lingering smile in our memories
As again we resume the daily routines
That makes up our lives, our loves, our being

But for now, in this nearly perfect moment,
As daylight turns to dusk,
And the hint of summer to come sits in the air
Like the fragrance of the blooming lilacs
We celebrate the joy of our connected energies.
Capturing this moment in time
A memory photograph of delight and discovery
As hearts open to the intoxicating flavor
Of our shared togetherness.

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